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Windows Shuriken Light (free download) 120 step/second

Discussion in 'Made with GameMaker' started by Rim, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Rim

    Rim Member

    Aug 10, 2017
    Hi Everyone!

    I Just wanna post my last creation on here, this was made during a 48h gamejam this weekend.
    The theme was black and white.
    Let me know what you guys think!

    Shuriken Light is a Top-Down survivor.

    Last as long as you can against Warriors, Scouts, Mage and Archer to beat your own High score.

    Post your High Score in the comments below!

    Any donation will be used to buy a mobile license and make a complete version of the game.

    By the creator of Darkness Restricted,

    IG: rg_gamedev

    Vote for the game here :https://itch.io/jam/cult-of-jabrils/rate/310899
    Download the game here: https://rg-gamedev.itch.io/sharuken-jabril-gamejam-blackwhite
    Gameplay video:

    Kickstarter for Shuriken Light
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