Show us your cats :3


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Do you have cats? Or does your cats have you?! Pics or it didn't happen! OwO How does your cat(s) look? What's their origin story? What's their favorite food? Do you have animals that aren't actually cats but kinda look like cats if you squint a little bit? Do tell :3

I've got 2 cats and mom got 1 (she bought a kitten because she was jealous at my bond with my 2 cats), and since I still live with my parents (blame society!) all three of them can be together in harmony.

This is a picture of my two kitties (from earlier this year when it still wasn't classified as animal abuse to let them play outdoors).

We've had the big boi on the right, named Astrof ("Catastrophe" without "cat", in swedish) for a while, and I noticed he was starting to act depressed. The balcony has a net so he can be outside chasing bugs as much as he wants, but it was clear he was missing something else. Eventually, I realized he was missing a friend!

So I got him a little kitten this year. I intentionally got a kitten with the same pattern as him, so that when she grows up, they'll look like twins and be super adorable omg *-* Also she's named Frosta because she's pale as snow, and it's also an anagram on Astrof. Now they're best friends even though they're so different sizes~

(also mom's cat just keeps knocking over my teacups and eating my hair accessories so I'm not super fond of her)


This is Cat #1. He's around 1.5 years old. I rescued him off the streets on a wet rainy night.
This is him sitting in an orange box.


And this is him taking a nap on my bed:

This is cat #2. He is around 4 months old. His mom littered in my house and abandoned him when he was a month old.

This is him chilling out by a cardboard box


And this is him hiding inside a red shopping bag:

IMG_4830 copy.jpg


This is Trico, called him like that because he won't listen to a thing I say.
Someone recently left him along with three other cats in a shoe box in the entrance of my building (the rest got adopted).


And this is Nino, found him near a trash can around 8 years ago.


Mimi was adopted online and died earlier this year. She was extremely grumpy about her personal space (being the first one we adopted) but grew a little less grumpy over time.


Pepa was also found on the streets, and died two years ago. She was the sweetest cat ever.


Both Mimi and Pepa were cremated, we keep the urns in our bedroom.


Is it against the rules to post a friend's former dorm cat? If not I have a real cute cat I can edit into this post. :)

OK saw a "neighbor's cat" in here... I'll go for it:

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Well now i gotta report you for the illegal posting of a friend's former dorm cat. It is strictly forbidden under Universal Feline Law 3-Fiddy-2


Here's my little doofus, Nosferatu. He really likes to lie down... right in the middle of everything. :)

I found him in the park a four years ago. He was well-groomed and microchipped, so I assumed he was a housecat who got out. However, the microchip was registered to a phone number belonging to a pizzeria who, when I called, had no idea what I was talking about. So... he's been my baby ever since. :D

I think he's about six or seven years old.


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A lot of things have changed since I started this topic, so here's a cat update! (Had to give them a big pile of candy to be in the same place at once for a good photoshoot...)

Frosta has grown up, she didn't quite get as big as Astrof :( . To the right of them is orange cat Miranda, and then of course mom had to get a non-striped cat (named Ze) ruining the streak of cats with the same pattern but different colors. Ze is the largest of them all, owing mostly to having a large appetite and preferring to hide when someone else gets playful.

(the background cats are just photos taped to my window)