GMS 2 Should I wait for a sale or buy GameMaker Dev right now?



Hello all!

I've been testing out GameMaker 2 (trial) for quite a while now and I love the product. I feel like I should take a step up though and upgrade to GameMaker Dev to start working on my first big game after doing multiple small projects.

The only question I have though is whether I should wait for another Steam sale to come up again and save some money or just go ahead and buy GameMaker Dev right now without having to be patient.

Any suggestions?


It will go on sale, but last time it was something tiny like 20% off. I would check the exact discount but they've cleverly redacted that from the email so you can't go back and see. You have to click the link in the email which has now expired :p


It will go on sale, but last time it was something tiny like 20% off. I would check the exact discount but they've cleverly redacted that from the email so you can't go back and see. You have to click the link in the email which has now expired :p
The one that just finished was 20% off Desktop, and 10% off all the other modules.

OP - You are gonna save about $20 waiting for a sale, so just decide whether $20 is worth waiting an unspecified amount of time to get it on sale (at least a few months imo), or just pay normal price and jump in now.

It's a decision only you can make.


In the end you need buy it so or so if you planned to make more with it. If your waiting for a sale or not is mostly depending if you want spare money or just yolo into yoyo (bad pun intended).
Which modules are you interested in? YoYo just launched their Lunar sale with 33% off HTML5 and 20% off Mobile and Fire. Check it out if you're interested.

EDIT: I should probably add that I pondered a bit when I wanted to buy GMS 2, bought it with a sale at the time, and I'm glad I did. I've been loving it ever since.


Wait until GMS 3 comes out. Word on the street is that it is going to be cheaper (keep that between you and me though ;))


I wouldn't wait if I were you, cause 20% off is not much. So why wasting time waiting when you can make great games with the program and with those time.


It would depend on your situation. Is the amount of money you would save be worth more than the wait?


I bought the Steam sale desktop, but I am disappointed about the export functions. I should need a second PC with Ubuntu to make it playable on Linux. I also need a MacOS. To do that legally, I need to buy a Mac computer too.
Maybe I can find some help for export. I made an exe of my game with GameMaker Studio 2.
By the way, after all those years, I discovered still the need to keep the index in the item names of paths and rooms to find it easily back in the game. Alarm countdowns are still not saved. I also discovered the __dnd_health and __dnd_score limitations. It's much money compared with my 7.0 Pro, although it runs much lighter. I don't know how the 3 will be better than the 2. They didn't add a decent substitute for the sleep function. I don't want to break people down, I just wan to warn what you can choose for.


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Hmmm... 10 month necro....oh well.

That said...about the exporting....I'm not sure about Linux, but for Mac, there is no way that they can make it export without using an actual Mac. That is completely under control of Apple and isn't likely to change. Unity is the same way, and any other game engine would also follow suit. Another thing to remember is that any time you are making a game for a platform, you really need to have that platform handy to test on anyway, so you can be sure it is working. Are you expecting to export to Linux and Mac and not even test them first?!?!

About keeping index of item names....I'm not sure what you are meaning. You should be easily able to refer to them by the name directly, no need to worry about the actual indices.

About seems you are trying to save/load using the quick feature it comes with. Even Yoyo themselves recommend you don't use it, and make your own system. You can learn how to make your own files, grabbing what you need, including those alarm values. If that isn't what you are getting at, you would need to clarify because I'm not sure what it is about.

About the limits of dnd health and score...I'm not sure what you are getting at there either, but the quickest way to get around DND limitations is to learn some GML and code things yourself. It is true that DND is great, but it does indeed have some limits, and using GML would get around all of that.

About shouldn't use that anyway. There is no substitute because it shouldn't have ever really been used in the first place. If you have something specific you are trying to do that sleep() could help with, maybe post in the forum and figure out the better way to do it.

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Somewhat of a dead thread, and I don't know if this breeches any guidelines... But I'm doing a giveaway for a Mac/PC dev license on my YT channel when I hit 300 subs. Currently at 276, so if you don't yet have a license then it could be worth your time =]