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Design Should I display "Privacy Policy screen" ?


I basically collect analytical data with Firebase, and I serve Google Mobile Ads in my app. I have options to give players the ability to opt-out of analytical and personalized ad features. Also, I have my Privacy Policy page on app's page on Google Play. The question is;

Should I ask users to Agree with the Privacy Policy ?
If so, how do you handle this?


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I've seen a bunch of games that force you to read through the privacy policy the first time you boot it up before you can even interact with the title screen (the Dark Souls Switch port is an example that comes to mind). It's egregious, but it ensures you have taken your legal responsibility (players physically can't play the game unless they've read it).

That said, I'd probably preferably have a button on the title screen that takes you to the privacy policy, and have a banner or other GUI element that points to it until the player has read it, so players can ignore it if they don't care... but this might not be legally enough. You probably want to design some middle ground.


If you publish the game in EU you need a privacy notice that answer some questions. What data is collected? where is it stored? Who got access to it?... This is mine: http://theanykeysupport.blogspot.com/p/privacy-policy-for-any-key-games.html?m=1

It need to be written in understandable text, so no bureaucratic language is allowed according to GDPR. You can newer just collect data without the users approval. If you have an ad provider, they might collect data. Then you must tell the user that they do that in your app.