Short Stories?

Anyone else like writing short stories? (Share your experiences)

What are your thoughts on this insightful piece that came to me as I was half-asleep thinking of what to do for dinner:

And then my mind came to a crashing standstill. Eyes wide open I looked up at the afternoon glow of dying light and could only think of one word.

One word that, in my dazed state of half-consciousness, my mind had stumbled upon.

One word capable of sending my neural network into overload, capsizing past concepts.

One word that revolved around my head churning up my innermost-self to touch my deepest emotions.

One word, now setting up a plethora of possibilities, it was hard to conceive of the very idea of finding it.

The void of slumber had since parted from my body as I became re-energized thinking about this known word, this wonderful obvious word, this word that had easily taken control of my night, and this one word was... cheese!
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