Windows Short platformer with a touching story.


Hello everyone.
We (me and an artist) have just finished a game for a certain "two weeks long game jam" (TWG15 @

It is not a top quality game and it is very short. Something that you would expect from a game jam. BUT.
I feel potential in it, it has very nice narration. I wish someone else could see it and give us a feedback. We want to know if we should make it into a complete game with better grapchics, 1 hour of gameplay, couple of levels and a bunch of bosses.

Arrows for movement
Space - jump
X - attack
C - use
Z - screwdriver attack
Ctrl + arrow - dodge
Jump and hold X - hurricane attack
Up + Z - ultimate attack

Collect everything on the level and kill all the robots to upgrade yourself to the max.
Then kill the boss using your powerful ultimate and healing yourself with screwdriver attacks.

And here is a youtube walkthrough, if you dont want to play it.
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