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SOLVED Short Descriptions by Blocks in DnD?

Hey all,

This probably sounds like a dumb question XD. But, I remember in earlier versions of GameMaker there were short descriptive text by each block in an object's events. So I could have all the blocks collapsed, but still see a brief snippet of what the block is doing just to the right of each action/block within the event.

I'm currently running version, and I'm no longer seeing them. I've looked through the GameMaker Preferences area, but not seeing anything that would enable/disable it. It would be much easier to work with, if I could just re-enable that option within the editor.

Does anyone know how to enable this in recent versions of GameMaker Studio?


EDIT: Solved. Seems to be a bug within the current version I'm running. I'll be submitting a bug report today.
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Use the DnD format for your event/project if you want this format back (Ctrl+T -> "default script type" to change it for the entire project, or event code window -> RMB -> Convert to DnD for a single event). GML events are code windows that can't be logically split beyond { / } and #region / #endregion.
Thanks for your response :). The project was started as a DnD format at the start. Looking at the Step Event for my Player object now, which is entirely DnD. When I right click it has the option for Convert to GML, but not to DnD(as it is already set up as DnD). Just seems like the little snippet/preview of each block went missing in one of the more recent versions of GM.

For example, say I'm looking at "Execute Script" block calling for a Script within an Event. When I would collapse the block, it would still have "Execute "Script Name"" in light text to the right of the block/box(whatever they are called), to easily scroll through and see what each block is doing. Another example, to the right of a "Case" block, it would say something like "Case: playerstate.IDLE", or "Case: playerstate.MOVING", etc.

I can work without it, but it definitely was a nice feature, and saved a lot of time, when collapsing all the blocks within an Event work area, and still getting a quick glance, into what each step/block was doing there.

EDIT: Tried to attach a screenshot from a video tutorial, to show what I mean, but it will not allow me to. I've loaded a small image here, imgur link
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Good to know Slyddar and good to see you on here, I'll get on that later today.

I've actually been following your tutorials on Youtube/Udemy for a while. Going through the DnD videos second time, as it's been months, and I have lots to learn, as I didn't retain all the information. Sorting out why my enemy/turret sprites in my current project, are not moving flipping properly on the x axis. Everything looks fine, and I'm drawing the instance based on a variable "facing"(very similar to your tutorials). Going through the Enemy video for the third time trying to sort this out. But, I'm obviously not seeing a small mistake somewhere, that is causing this issue.

Implementing design features, and figuring out the issues along the way is a challenge, but part of the whole design process. There's still a lot of the GameMaker flow and processes, I'm trying to figure out along the way. You're videos have been a great help though, and lots of great information contained within them. Thanks for your content, and your response to this thread!

EIDT: Just submitted the bug through YoYo Games main page. Thanks again for confirming this was a bug. I noticed it within the latest Beta build as well, so it's ongoing.
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Just a heads up for anyone who may like the feature for DnD type games. This issue seems to be resolved in the latest beta that dropped today. IDE v23.1.1.329 / Runtime v23.1.1.329. Just "Reset Layout", then open up an object, and the descriptions are back by the code blocks.

Thanks YoYo Games for adding that fix in this version! Very much appreciated. I'll just backup my project folder, and start using the beta. It will make it so much easier/faster, getting this project done.

Edit; unfortunately it seems like a buggy build. No offense to YoYo Games. That's what beta is for. Ended up having to switch back to the latest stable build.
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