Windows Shop System & Downloadable Levels (PDF + Project Files) + New Examples


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Target Platform: Windows

A PDF & project files showing how to set up a simple shop system, and how to download levels from a website. Includes PDF explaining how to, along with code, example project files and resources.
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This covers 2 topics - Shop System & Downloading a Level.

Shop System:
Lots of game genres make use of a shop system. This tutorial shows how to make a basic shop and inventory system.
There are lots of ways of doing this, my method is basic and easy to understand.
Includes screenshot:

Formatted and Commented code:
/// @description Sell an item
if global.items[my_id,3]>=1//check player has item to sell
    global.items[my_id,3]-=1;//reduce item counnt[my_id,4];//increase cash

Download Level From Website:
Being able to easily add new levels for your player to have easy access to is always a good thing. This chapter shows you how to download a level from a website and add it to your game. Also includes a working version of Sokoban.

An example like this could be used to download new levels every week giving some great variation to your game.

and code with explanations:
/// @description Commence Download
//Start async http get file
file = http_get_file("",working_directory +"level.txt");
str[0]="";//initiate array
done=false;//this will be used as a flag to detect if file is downloaded
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