Shoot Em Up/Action RPG Prototype "Project Sapphire"


Project Sapphire (Version 0.3)
Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3 - Screenshot 4

EXE (v0.3.1)

Project Sapphire is the engine for a top-down SHMUP/action-RPG. Survive the endless bullet hell, and get a high score.

This update is mainly just an improvement to the weapons and controls. Gamepad support is now avaliable.

New Features
  • Eight new and improved weapons to choose from.
  • A weapon select menu.
  • Ammo drops.
  • UI upgrades.
  • Joypad support.
  • Game feel improvements.
  • Toned down difficulty.
Features included from previous version:
  • pixel-perfect top-down collision detection
  • WASD/mouse controls
  • zombie horde AI
  • NPC text boxes
  • Health upgrades
  • a basic HUD
  • money pickups
  • rudimentary XP/leveling system
  • Endless swarm mode
Features in progress:
  • Items/Shops
  • Screen shake
  • Adaptive HUD
  • Stat upgrades
  • Weapon vendors and upgrades
  • Quests/Missions
  • Menus
  • NPC choices and gifts
  • More mobs/diverse AI
  • Puzzles
  • Collectibles
  • Improved sprites/sound design
  • Adaptive resolution
  • Gamepad compatibility
  • Online leaderboard
Controls (keyboard)
  • WASD - Move
  • Shift - Run (release to walk)
  • Space - Talk to NPCs
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button - Weapon select
  • K - Nuke (debug attack)
Controls (joypad)
  • Left analog - Move
  • LB - Run (release to walk)
  • Y - Talk to NPCs
  • Right analog - Aim
  • RB - Shoot
  • Y button + Right Analog - Weapon select
Previous Versions

Project Sapphire (Version 0.1)
Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3
EXE (v0.1)

This is an early build. You can run, shoot, talk to NPCs, and level up. Leveling up only increases your max HP and damage output. This is a test level for a much more ambitious project. But the bullet swarm aspect of it was challenging and fun, so I thought I'd share it. Try to get the highest score you can!


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Hi there!

I like the idea of a bullet swarm type of game. That being said, it is a little bit tough to get kills since there are just so many enemies and bullets flooding the screen at the moment.

Looking forward to new updates! :)