Team Request SHMUP Space shooter, looking to build a team.



Vecter Screen 1.png Vecter Screen 2.png

I am working on a side-scrolling shmup space shooter, I need pixel-artists, programmers, and composers.
I don't care how good you are, whether you are a novice or a veteran. I myself have recently started using GMS, My focus is primarily programming (I am new to GML, but I am learning quickly). I have average Spriting and Animation skills, but cannot compose music. I am looking to make a working demo in about 4-6 months (1 level with 3 stages. Each stage has 5 waves of enemies, and there is a boss at the end of the level. There will also be a few power ups available in the demo).

(All assets in these screen shots are of my own making).
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I am good at this stuff... If you're still needing a fellow programmer, I am available. I haven't finished any projects, due to lack of art skills and $$, but am looking to build my portfolio.

Sudo Phalanx

I may be able to help you with programming in my spare time. Let me know if you need me!


I could help you with programming. I have no published games yet as I also need an artist to make my games more attractive.
I am immediate in the programming (not the best, but not very bad as well), and would like to start creating an interesting game after about 3 years of working with GameMaker (since 8.1 to Studio 1.4). I have experience in working with physics and a bit of creating waves of the enemies.

Please send me a PM (private message/new conversation) if you are interested in working with me.

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I would like to work on something like this to refresh my head on my spare time :)

Not sure how much I have, but I would find it interesting to try and it would help improve my GML :)

Worth a shot?
I can do art for you such as ships and buildings...and MAYbe explosionish effects. I'm not very experienced in art but here is what I can do nowadays:

and also, I'm mainly a programmer with nearly 3 years of experince in GML and can't promise on time sprites. Also, I can't do cartoonish art, only pixel art and as small as possible as its in the link above

PM, if you wish.

here are some awesome spaceships btw;
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Hey Ambition13z, I think I could assist you and your game. I am pretty good with gml and I've been using it for over 8 months...

But I have one question, how can I contact you?


Id love to have a go at your pixel art, send me a pm and ill sent you to a portfolio. m
Im doing a space shooter atm


Hello, I'd love to participate on your project as a musician and sound designer! I'm graduated in Audio Engineering and composer!

Feel free to look my portfolio:

Best regards