Steam Shisensho Solitaire

Hi everybody. I finished and launched my first game on Steam. I made it in GMS2 Desktop (Steam version), and it took me about three months to complete. It's based on the classic Japanese game, Shisensho. Unlike Mahjong Solitaire, pairs of tiles can only be matched by a single line with no more than two bends. The game includes Steam Cloud, Achievements, Leaderboards, and an entire album of songs from LoFi artist, Keevin.


Here's the trailer:

Here's the store page on Steam:

Thank you to YoYo and the GMS community for helping me fulfill a lifelong goal - to make and publish a video game! :)


Just bought your game JapanGamer29 as it looks like great fun, I like the updates you have planned too. I've never even played Mahjong in my whole life so this will be a fun experience. I like that it's such a niche game and that it has a history. Nice work!