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Graphics Shadows or None?


Kanto Ruki


So, I was wondering should I add shadows to my game? How should I edit the current shadows that I have implemented? Any tips for casting shadows on an environment like this?

The overworld will contain the shadows, not the dungeons. That would just be overboard in my opinion...
I was trying to make a "wall" tile for the tileset, but I just can't seem make one ATM...

Mr Magnus

Viking King
yes. Always have as much "Juice" as you can in your game. The screenshot without shadows just looks flat and quite uninteresting. Shadows are a good easy way of adding depth.


The map looks inconsistent regarding from what "direction" one is looking at it. For instance, the two pillars in the room are clearly viewed directly from above, while the three shaded wall pieces in the top right corner appear to indicate a view at an angle (that is, if the view was also from directly above, you wouldn't be able to see that they are in fact in shadow). Given that the top wall is seen at an angle, the door would appear to be too large, looking like it folds over the top edge of the wall. If the door was half the height, it would "fit", although that wouldn't fix the shadow inconsistency. Adding a half-sized lite piece under the two columns, and the top left corner piece under the Rune 0 text would help.


Imo its more aesthetically pleasing for the shadows to go down, not up.
Pretty much every game ever made has the shadows pointing down.

Gedor Games

The shadow picture looks better but like chamaeleon have said the shadows looks a little inconsistent, I also agree with seanm that shadows always looks better when they point down. I recently added shadows to my game and it gave it a sense of depth and greatly improved it.

Kanto Ruki


I finally got around to making "some" kind of wall and made two different shadows, one pointing Northwest and the other pointing Southwest.

@seanm and @Gedor Games
I think the reason why shadows are usually depicted pointing downwards is because the sun is above us and shadows are cast to the ground. I do know of some games that have shadows cast upwards because of their styling. But I may go for a Southwest shadows because I just noticed I made the tiles light source at Northeast XP


GMC Memer
GMC Elder
This one is definitely the best so far.

Assuming that nuclear symbol is your character... you might want to give them more vibrant colors to pop out better, right now they have the same color as the background and will be easy to overlook. The door doesn't pop either even if it's in a different color, there's not enough lumiosity contrast between it and the wall. Not to mention the black HUD text being narrow AND not contrast a lot with the shadows, so it's not legible at all either.