Graphics Shadertoy to Gamemaker GLSL converter


Hello. I have something to share with you all. I have created a web app that converts simple Shadertoy shader code into GameMaker GLSL ES shader code. It performs the appropriate changes outlined in shader master Xor's tutorial, and I thought i'd automate it as well as give the extra create and draw code for the object. I have not tested it out thoroughly, there may be a few bugs here and there, I am still very new to JavaScript , and I have yet to comment it appropriately, but here is what i have thus far. I will continue to work on it. By all means, feel free to mess around with it!


Great idea! It's worth noting ShaderToy now uses WebGL 2.0 while GM uses the equivalent of WebGL 1.0 so there are several features that won't work. Here's a list of the changes.
It'd be neat to have a warning for those features, but that'd probably be a lot of work. Neat work regardless!


Damn, I was hoping this would work, but I can't say it really does. Maybe something has changed since February but I haven't had luck getting any shaders to work with this. Oh well.