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Android Shaders not working on android


I've searched on google, but I couldn't find anything on this.

None of the shaders I'm using are working on android, however on windows they do work. What might be the cause and how can I fix it?


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
WHat format are the shaders in? They need to be GLSL ES for Android. Also, what do you mean by they're not working? Do you get an error? Does anything happen? Are you checking they compile using shader_is_compiled? Does your device support shaders? Have you tested using YYG shaders (which you can test by getting the Dungeon Demo - not the LITE one! - from the Demos page on start)?

Seriously, with such a vague request for help it's impossible for us to say what the exact issue could be, so please give more details...


nobody important
GMC Elder
We have found a missing manifest issue on Android that will disable the shaders. I'll get someone on Monday to post the text and you can add it into the manifest yourself for now.


nobody important
GMC Elder
We're looking at a small update to fix a couple of things, this is one of them.