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Android Shader Compilation Error on Android only


I am using a custom shader which is working fine on macOS platform. But when I try to run my game on Android, the shader_is_compiled() function results in false.

My issue is that I am unable to find what is the shader compilation error on Android. There is no information in GMS studio console. Also there is no info in logcat as well.

I need some advise how can I see the shader compilation error on Android.

Thank you


Kazan Games
Probably the Shader does not work on GLSL ES 2.0/3.0, see which version of the shader, since it works on Mac, right click on the shader and select Shader Type and check the version. I also assume that your Android device does not support the shader (lower Open GL version or it may be the GPU that it does not support, or even not have a GPU...)