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This is my game I've been making for quite some time (this is the 3rd year of development).
I'm proud of it, and I think its pretty awesome!! :D

I started with no development skills and began learning to code GML in this forum, so big thanks to a bunch of you that have helped me, or motivated me in some way.
@Nocturne @IndianaBones @True Valhalla @flyingsaucerinvasion @FrostyCat @TsukaYuriko @RichHopefulComposer @Yal and many others.

SF entered Early Access on Steam March 10th (Alpha), I would love to have feedback from people in the community. Thanks for viewing!

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True Valhalla

Full-Time Developer
GMC Elder
Cameron, this is incredibly impressive - a real gem in an overcrowded market. It's so refreshing to see ambitious design choices and unusual concepts explored in a game like this and I think the risks you've taken will pay off. Best of luck with the Steam the hard work begins! ;)

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Well, I'm glad you are proud of it. Because you definitely should be. I wish I had the patience to make a game with this much depth put into it. 3 years is a long time to work on a game. I'm glad you stuck with it all this time. Looks like a really good game.


Hey all, I'm running a free weekend key giveaway dealio, if anyone wants to give Serin Fate a go!
Would love to have you play and get some feedback :)

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