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Well I decided to make a small roleplay game here, the system is fairly simple, you'll play as a group of youngsters of varying ages in a pretty typical fantasy story, said that, I'm bringing up the big book.

Da Rules:
  • No godmodding, you're free to do almost whatever you want so long it fits the character and it is within your character's powers
  • Be creative in your actions, the more detailed the action the better
  • No breaking the 4th wall
  • You can't choose your powers
For this game there's no such a thing as hit points or a life bar, every time you perform an action a dice will be rolled and depending on the result your action may vary, the dice works in a similar way as the already well known Wizard Battle forum game, and will be explained now.

The Dice
  1. Epic Failure. The opposite of your action happens.
  2. Failure. Your action fails completely. Bad things often happen in coincidence with this roll.
  3. Success? The action goes off... but perhaps not the way you intended.
  4. Success! The action goes off as you intended.
  5. Masterful. The action goes off, and it's somewhat improved.
  6. Epic Win! Your action is performed in such fashion that something amazing also happens.
Regarding items, there will be places in which you can "chose" an item for your character, and by that I mean you create an item the character will find, now all that aside, let us bring the introduction

You wake up in a small room, you don’t know what’s going on, the last thing you remember is that your house was attacked by a group of people and your parents killed, and the last image in your head is the covered faces of the men that captured you

Not knowing what's going on you are scared, what are they planning, what is going to happen to you, you don't know, but there's a thing you know, they are bad persons, and they killed your family

You can see a door in a side of the room it's made out of some very solid material and that it's locked, then you notice something like a box that is there, it has 7 lit numbers and a small sign that said

"Chose one, just touch the number, just chose a lit number, if the number is not lit, it means someone else has it"

Something inside you tells you not to chose a number, wait someone else? so there are more like you, as you don't know what else to do you start thinking what number to choose, maybe you'll meet the others after that