Legacy GM Setup a mediation server for Gmnet to enable online lobby.


GM Version: GMS1.4
Target Platform: ALL (but not HTML5)
Download: https://the-any-key.itch.io/how-to-setup-a-gmnet-master-server-with-digitalocean
Links: https://github.com/The-any-Key/GMnet-ENGINE/archive/Base-Template.zip

This tutorial show how to setup a mediation server for the Gmnet engine to enable the online (WAN) lobby and connect to the servers.

Download the Gmnet engine:

Download and follow the pdf file:
Note that digital ocean cost $5 month. But if you use the link in the pdf you get $10 free on the account when you put in $5 from paypal. You can then test the mediation server for 3 months. You can close the server anytime.

If you followed the pdf tutorial you should now have the Gmnet template open. And the IP for the mediation server is set in htme_config and use_udphp is set to true:

Run the project.

On P1 start a server with the default settings.

On P2 click online and check the online lobby that should now show the server.
On P2 click the server to join it. This is just a local test.

To test it globally you should create an exe and send it to your friend on another continent (or a neighbour). Before you compile it you should go to htme_rom_menu and remove obj_dual_instance from the room. Else when you start the exe it will start more and more game windows for all eternity (or until your computer run out of memory, whoever comes first).

The Gmnet engine works on LAN without a mediation server.