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UWP Setting up Xbox Live creator program?



Loving the new 2.1 update to GMS but couldn't help but notice there is an Xbox Live section under the UWP settings, is anyone aware of how to set this up and where to download an SDK, or are we going to have to build our own UWP DLL's to actually interface with the Xbox Live API?


I thought same, that in case of UWP you don't need ID@Xbox until you want to release a game...

In this article we give the required steps to get the UWP target up and running on an Xbox One Developer device. If you have an Xbox One Retail device, please see this Microsoft article: Xbox One Developer Mode Activation and then come back here and skip down to the section titled "The Device Portal".
Yeah, event this article says, it's not needed, until you want to publish (Concept Approval).


So this clears up what it is for as i would like to now as i have access to program to publish to xbox one under uwp export. Can you tell more about this feature ??


You need to contact MS and get an ID@Xbox account. Check out the full details here: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001256428-Setting-Up-UWP-For-Xbox-One
You can release on XB1 without being accepted to ID@Xbox, you just need to sign up for a MS Developer Account and go through the Creators Program, not sure why you are stating that you must use ID@Xbox?

AFAIK The UWP module doesn't even let you use ID@Xbox and your games end up on the general Store rather then the XBox Store. For that you need the official XB1 Module and be accepted onto the program.
Yeah, event this article says, it's not needed, until you want to publish (Concept Approval).
There is no concept approval in the Creators Program other than the standard store policies.
Quickly and directly publish your game
Submit your game to the Creators Program through a simplified certification process. There is no concept approval required outside of standard Store policies, so as a developer, you can bring your games directly to customers.
The Xbox Live Creators Program is a great for quickly publishing your game to Xbox One and Windows 10, with a simplified certification process and no concept approval.

If you want access to even more Xbox Live capabilities, be featured in the main Xbox One store, or receive dedicated marketing and development support, you can apply to the ID@Xbox program.
Those quotes and a comparison table of differences between the Creators Program and ID@Xbox can be found on the Creators Program webpage, found here:


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Thanks for that info. At the time of writing the tutorial page I didn's find anything about this and everything pointed to the fact that you'd need to pass a concept through the id@xbox system. I'll look into this some more and update that page as required. Cheers!


From what I read when I signed up for my Dev Licence, if you have a company (or are going to register a company) then you should use the business licence and supply your company name, company address, company tax information etc, and pay the increased fee.

If not, then a single person licence is the one you want.

There should be some information on the MS website regarding this and which licence to use given your circumstances, so check this out first and don't just take my word for it. :)


Yeah, but in case I may someday hire somebody, business seems as a "safe" solution in this case.
Only you know your future plans :)

There should also be info about whether you can transfer from personal licence to business licence etc in the help / faq sections somewhere if that might be something you feel worth looking at.