Steam Setting up Steam Achievements


My game is in pre-release mode, but the store is visible for wishlisting, etc.

- In the store, the user can see "Steam Achievements" in the list of features.
- I have set three achievements for now, and they are working (I've played the game, and they were awarded to me at the correct moments).

There are a few oddities when using the steam client or the store page:
- I can't find any link to the list of all achievements the game has.
- The "user has achieved" summary shows emptyness.
- In the community hub, the icons are broken/inexistent.

Any ideas how to fix those oddities?

edit: when I open the steam overlay when in-game, I can see this, but if I click it it takes me to my general activity page:
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If I remember correctly, those issues are normal before release and will fix themselves shortly after the game is out and people start playing.

Still you might want to ask this question to Steam itself. Or join the Steamworks development group within Steam, which is super active and full of other devs willing to help. You'll probably get more help there.