Android Set game for pre-register on Google Play


Has anyone used the pre-registration option on Google Play? I have my game setup for this, all went well so the store page is up and people can click the pre-register button to be notified of the game launch. Problem is, it's not actually showing how many people have pre registered. I am not sure if it takes a while to update or whatever but I posted the game at like 1045pm last night. I know at least 1 or 2 sign ups should show since my friends done it already. I want to confim this is working before I start my paid ad campaigns. This said I noticed this on the info in the google store regarding pre registration...

To use pre-registration, you need to have an APK uploaded to at least one release track in the Play Console.
  • Note: Your APK needs to contain the device manifest restrictions for your pre-registration campaign and upcoming launch. Users who fit the criteria specified in your APK will be able to pre-register, so use the APK to control who can pre-register for your app. If needed, you can update this criteria during the course of a pre-registration campaign, and it won’t affect users who've already pre-registered.
I am not sure what this means since anyone can clearly search and pre-register without issues. Sounds like this is optional and allows more resrictions? This makes me unsure if this has something to do about it but I really don't know. So this is why I am wondering if anyone here has setup a game with pre-register and can let me know how it went. Thanks.