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GMS 2.3+ Session Not Found

Before I go on, I am not using the steam version at all like so many other articles I've found on Google. I simply started GMS2.3 and it keeps telling me "Session Not Found".

Then every time I attempt to log into it, the prompt insists that the authentication failed.
And I already know it's a bunch of malarkey because I know the password by heart and I am able to log in here.
My internet connection is fine, it should in theory be able to send that information to the server and have it authenticated.

I tried checking for some kind of cache file in the main directory to no avail so I threw that idea in the garbage.
I also searched around for specific articles regarding this issue and only found issues with Steam or some vaguely specific form of the issue that doesn't at all apply to my current situation.

So why now? Why do I suddenly have to log into each session? Why is it not authenticating? WHAT IS GOING ON!?!
Please... help. This is infuriating.