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Server for multiplayer game


Hi everyone,
I want to make multiplayer game, I want to know what is the best programming language to use to make a server? I don't want to make it in gml, I want to make it in another programming language, and run it on my rented external server. So, what do you suggest me?

Any language will do, just about. Honestly, there is no best language for the job.

Maybe Javascript/Node.js. It's relatively lightweight, and learning how to code in Javascript is useful to have in your pocket. There should be a fair number of tutorials on how to set up a simple server with Node.

But Java would be fine too. Or GoLang, if you're feeling adventurous.


I'd recommend anything with cross-platform compatibility, just so that you could deploy the server on any operating system.
Personally I use the Qt framework (C++), which makes things like networking, timing and threading very easy.