Sequences and the GUI Layer


I created a basic game to test out the UWP features and one thing UWP lacks is achievements. So I designed my own in-game achievements using Sequences but I ran into a number of issues.

1. No option to draw sprites inside the sequence to the GUI Layer.
2. I can't figure out how to change the image_index of a sprite in a sequence dynamically on creation.
3. Objects and Sprites in the sequence get out of alignment when using layer_sequence_y, setting it to the position of the camera, and the player moves.

I wanted to create a sequence to not only make the achievement come up from the bottom but also to play an animation masked around the achievement icon. I accomplished that but since I couldn't figure out how to draw the sprites to the GUI layer I had to move the sequence based on the camera position. Also since I couldn't change the image_index of the sprite when I create the sequence I had to change the sprite to an object. Once I did that I could change the image_index but for some reason moving the sequence now causes the object to move at a slightly different speed compared to the sprites in the sequence.

It looked terrible so I just removed the sprite animation I had created in the sequence leaving only the object and set the object to draw to the GUI layer instead of setting the sequence position to the camera position. It works fine now but it definitely would look better with the animation overlay I had created in the sequence. I tried changing every sprite in the sequence to objects and setting them all to draw to the GUI layer but after doing this the mask in the sequence doesn't seem to work. I could create the animation outside of GameMaker but instead, I'm just leaving it as is.