GMS 2.3+ "sequence_instance_override_object" trouble - object disappears (possible bug?)


I've just started fiddling around with sequences and they seem to have great potential but in my first try making the simplest thing I ran into a problem.
As soon as I start the sequence, the original object instance becomes invisible (as it should) but it doesn't become visible again after the sequence ends.
It is still there, it moves as it should,I can activate the sequence again but it is invisible.(the object,not the sequence)

So the code is this:

if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)
var plr = instance_find(oAnim,0);
var se = layer_sequence_create("aa",plr.x,plr.y,seq1)
var sein = layer_sequence_get_instance(se)

It is ran by a separate controller object but it doesn't make a difference.
Also it doesn't make a difference if I use a different object in the sequence.
Any ideas?
Thank you in advance.