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Windows Sequence Frame to Frame


Is it posible to create a sequence, that when changing the position or rotation the image doesnt drag ? in a timeline ?
like speed 60 - frame1 rotation -30º, frame2 rotation 0º frame3 rotation 30º frame4 rotation 0º ?

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Sequences can do this too, btw... :)
I dont know how to get it to work...? the Rotation value and x/y position value always increases ?
Ive been making my own editor, but it would be great if i could use GM sequence editor

basically the animation is the same has for the player holding the gun. But using human body parts is total chaos
Let me try to read your mind one last time and try to guess what you really want to do.
I think what you are looking for is a way to do skeletal animations with sequences, right?
If so, I guess it would theorically be possible, but the easiest and fastest way would be to use animated sprites made in a dedicated software, like Spriter, Spine, or Dragonbones. You export as a series pf .png's and use that as an animated sprite.
My workflow with sequences isn't still the greatest, but I imagine doing all/most (even a bunch!) the animations in sequences would be a complete nightmare. Yes, you can do a lot with them, but they really are tailored for cutscenes and such.

And one last thing
stay polite, dude


What...? Ive inserted an image and an animated gif on the topic to explain it, and you are "trying to read my mind one last time"...?
And this turns into a moral lessons contest...?
If you are trying to incriminate me, by saying i was rude towards you, or violated your rights...? Its to bad because i didnt even touched you.. You got offended all by yourself.

And to answer the question, this is not my video, So i dont know if in your mind, iam violating the rights of someone else by putting in here.
But its this when the player flips, the image scale is back 1, -1 without the timeline.

Ho and you spriter / spine theory is bad, if you are going to save it in png by png frames... It doesnt work, it looks bad... The point of using a skeleton is to be able to change the clothes or wepons etc...later on in the game.



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Would you like to explain how ? Or did you decided to say that, just to express your superior knowledge over me ?
Lol! Sorry, that was NOT my intention! I only added that in case you wanted mor info, since you'd actually said in your post before that using sprites would solve the issue... so I didn't know if you would still be interested in the knowledge or not.

So... check this page of the manual: https://manual.yoyogames.com/The_Asset_Editors/Sequence_Properties/Using_The_Dope_Sheet.htm

The fourth image down shows how to maintain a value over time rather than interpolate - " and you can also extend the key to more than a single frame using the
Alt Icon
key at the same time as dragging (the cursor will change to show this). This means that you can hold key values over time before continuing with any interpolation to the next key"

So, you'd have four keys for the arrow, one setting the angle to the position you want, then you'd simply "stretch" the parameter key for the frames between each key change. That way it'll not interpolate and just change angle directly each time the parameter key changes.


hey, thanks
i always use the search bar in manual so i was no aware of this.
but there is a better solution instead of using the strech Asset Key

this is make all the keyFrames transitions look retro