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GMS 2 Separate Applications Sharing Directories??

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Mythi.T, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. Mythi.T

    Mythi.T Member

    Oct 11, 2018
    Ok. I want to have a system where all version of a game, ie "my game" all share the SAME %localappdata% file.

    GMS 2 is sandboxed, right? yes. and that means that application My Game v1.0 writes files into %localappdata%/My Game v1.0/ and the application My Game v1.2 writes files into %localappdata%/My Game v1.2/

    What I WANT is to have a system in my game where both My Game v1.0 and My Game v1.2 use the SAME directory/writing file location, basically breaking the sandbox:

    As in My Game v1.0 AND My Game v1.2 would write files into, say, %localappdata%/My Game Save Global/ (example)

    if !directory_exists(%localappdata%/global directory) // or something {
         directory_create(%localappdata%/global directory) // [NOT %localappdata%/My Game vWhatever/global directory]
    } else {
        //ALWAYS Use this directory and read whatever files from it

    Is there ANY thing I could do to make this work? I know there are non-sandboxed file system extensions out there but do they contain what i am looking for? A way to use outside-sandbox file locations/directories? I way to always use that directory when reading files?

    Answer Please that would be great

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