Demo SENIORITIS (Scott Pilgrim-inspired Platformer)


Alex Lyons

After a year of conceptualizing and half of one developing the first level, the demo of Senioritis is finally out for the public to play!

Senioritis is an action-packed platformer inspired by Scott Pilgrim VS The World with beat 'em up mechanics. Play as Julian "JD" Davenport as you barrel through your last year of high school; beating up homework assignments and defending the town from neighborhood douchebag Quince Vanderson.

The first level is now available in a quick demo of the game.
Gamepad controller is highly recommended.




I love the games style and polish. The school theme and the little touches (such as the American legion posters and the towns design) are so on point. It really reminds me of my time in USA. I love how you use pixel graphics set to scale with the displays resolution to keep things sharp. More games need to be made with these settings in mind.

I have a few issues with the general level design. The place seems too large and empty. I feel you need to add more enemies as well as some more challenges spaced out to give the player more to do. But the general feel gave me a Sonic the Hedgehog vibe! I love it :D

The biggest issue is the controls and the general stiffness of it. First off, merge the 'X' and 'C' buttons into one and switch X and Z. C by itself is useless and it is easier to just hold down the attack button to run. Most games on the SNES do this. Also the dominant finger (the index finger) us best used for repetitive actions like jumping, hence the switch.

Otherwise, Keep it up. I will be keeping an eye on this game!;)