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Job Offer - Programmer Senior Gameplay Developer



This is a full-time paid contract position. Ex Populus is a new game developer and publisher founded by notable industry veterans from ESL, Twitch, IGN and Pixar. The company is developing a new game and is looking for a Sr. Gameplay Developer to help bring expert level problem solving and best practices to a team of passionate creators.

This is a small team of developers, so you should be ready to dig-in and take shared ownership of the game's code. You should be extremely familiar with and an expert in:
  • Pixel perfect tile collision
  • Working with multiple sizes and shapes of tiles for collision, not just one size / shape.
  • Combinations of the various sizes and pieces used together to build levels
  • This multi-size and shape tile collision system will also work together with object collisions (enemies, hazards etc).
  • Advanced pathfinding
  • Advanced Enemy / NPC AI
Ideally, the above list are all problems you have solved many times before and will not need to learn on the job.

This game will have massive room sizes, characters with a large number of contextual movements and actions and a large amount of custom objects and scripts, all working and depending on each other in various ways.

The production is within a highly tuned development pipeline which leverages the framework of Extreme Programming and Design Thinking.

  • Read, write and speak English
  • Ability to meet with and work with the other developers at least a few hours a day (based on time zones)
  • Full-time availability (40-50 hours per week)
  • Dependable equipment (development machine)
  • 3 years paid professional experience developing video games
  • Willing to work in an AGILE framework (Pair Programming, User Stories, TDD, BDD, Iterative approach)
  • Familiarity with NET code (expert level not required)
Nice to have:
  • A college degree
  • Team-player
  • AGILE experience
This is a contingent contract position. If you are interested in this position, please provide a a link to your Github, resume or CV and we will reach out as soon as we are able. Thank you for considering our project.