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I've spent $1000 on it and a lot of time. I'm willing to sell this for $1500 including things that have not yet been added to the project.


1 high res room image.
Custom made pixel art for you to make rooms with and download the surface (room image) to appdata/local.
Inventory system.
Steam leaderboards.
Steam achievements.
Reuseable AI.
Music made by me and one by Rare Digs.
Character art made by me and animations made by two freelancers.
Two bosses.
Three different enemies with different AI (which can be reused) and more enemy art not yet added but are complete.
The items are stored in .ini files, so you can change weapons, add skills to them and remove them at will. You can make it rogue-lite if you want.
Menu with ESC button.
You can add different languages easily.
Pause button.
Several different moves from enemies with different sprites and damage calculations - code that can be easily reused.
Easy shadows! Just add what you want to have shadows to a parent object.
Beautiful minimap!
Easily change the player sprites from around other objects by just typing the sprite on the global variable! You can make some nice DLC with this, if you want, or you can just do them free. It's up to you.

And much more!

Since I am migrating this to your Steamworks account, I ask for direct payment without refunds. Once you have the games in your Steamworks account there is nothing I can do to migrate it back.

Link to game:

As a bonus, you'll get source code and migration for my first game Warhead too that is an open world survival / tower defense / arpg game.
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I'm leaving the game dev world. My life is getting really busy and I don't have the time and the will to make games anymore.
Hmmm. I hope everything is OK. Hopefully when things settle down you'll return!

But.... these changes are part of life. Over the years, my interests have also changed. I too have had to let go of old interests and say goodbye to communities because things came up in life and so I could pursue other things.

Anyway, if you're moving on... good luck for everything you do!


I won't leave the community. :D I'll be here once in awhile -- but coding a game, marketing it, playing with analytics and dealing with press (and having my budget). I won't do that anymore. I hope someone is interested in adopting these games and that really has lots of fun with these kind of things.


Warhead has 233 wishlisters and has earned the most money now and it's growing and about 50 followers on Steam. It is young, and Warhead Destined is just a month younger. Warhead Destined has 42 wishlisters and is growing (two wishlisters won a giveaway promo).

Latest sold copy was Warhead yesterday. At launch, it earned over $100 in gross revenue (I migrated the account to a new account of mine without knowing that the money would not transfer though). Warhead Destined is younger, but many of the press are interested to give it a review. Has sold 1 copy since it's launch. I have not made a cool trailer like I did for Warhead though.

Both games have more good reviews than negative reviews including curators and paid owners and not only the people that picked it up when Warhead was free (which I made paid later).


Good to hear. :)
Yeah and somehow I can stream it on Steam too. Which I couldn't before, because it was lagging the game. I enjoy it a lot more now. But this run I only got crap items and went to the boss. I didn't have the patience to deal with the boss with tier 2 items and no armor even though I made it.
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