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Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED :D] I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2

I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2 (Steam). I'll tell you everything in order.

• Yesterday I couldn't export or test my project for any platform. I waited about 15-20 mins for build. But, there was no process in the output window. So, today I uninstalled GameMaker and reinstalled it via Steam.
• But I can't login to GameMaker right now. This is what happens when I open GMS2 :

••• A window comes that says this : Error (42) - One or more required parameters was missing. Then I clicked Retry, the only button.
••• Yoyo Games Account Login Window comes. I entered my email and password.
••• Then a window comes that says this : Unable to login - failed to get a Steam session ticket.
If I click the Retry (the only button) , then yoyo login window comes again. It's vicious circle.

I tried reinstalling GMS2 for 4 times. Also I tried link my Steam account on yoyogames.com. But result has not changed.

Please help me. Thanks in advance :) ♥
happened to me when I bought GMS, but should not happen if you have a working GMS I think, but anyway,I had a popup blocker enabled on the yoyo website, there is a popup where you need to agree to the terms that was never displayed in the browser, make sure you disable ad blocker/popup blocker and login to your account and it should be there, after that you should be able to login if that is the problem, but that was with a new account so maybe have nothing to do with your problem.
Hahaaha :D I tried everything to fix GMS2. I joined the 2.1.4 beta but it didn't work. then I returned to the latest version and it works now ? interesting :)