Asset - Project Self-Balancing Ragdolls



This asset will present you with a fun, and intelligent self-balancing ragdoll.

  • Fully customizable ragdoll appearance
  • Easy to implement ragdoll behavior, and drop into any project that uses Box2D physics
  • A set of well-made balancing algorithm that can handle collision, impulse, force, walking & running, even on a slope!
  • A few bonus function, such as a simple outline effect
With this asset you can:
  • Make your character/enemies more dynamic&unique
  • Give your characters an ability to interact with environment in style
  • Achieve a next-level hit reaction such as waddling or unbalancing after being shot
How do you use it?

With just a single line of script "ragdoll_spawn()" then you're ready to go. And there's another script "ragdoll_set_segment_spr()" used to modify the ragdoll's appearance.


This asset is still under development, that means more feature & tweaks may come in future updates.

Marketplace Link:

manjeet kumar

Why it not available for Game maker studio 1x. i really want this.


GMC Elder
I always admired games that had ragdoll physics but especially ones that can behave like this! Awesome asset. I might just pick it up.


Updates please. I have been waiting for updates on this.
Updated! Sorry for the long waiting. I finally got some spare time recently, So there might be more updates coming soon.

Why it not available for Game maker studio 1x. i really want this.
I just finished the GMS1.4 port!
But unfortunately the connection to the marketplace via IDE is currently down - which means i couldn't publish any assets for 1.4 right now.. :(

Here's a reference:


I'm trying to get the asset from the Marketplace but it throws me an error that something went wrong, do you know if this is on your side or should I contact the helpdesk? I can access all other assets on the marketplace.