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Feedback "Selections automatically become brushes" is bothersome. (+ Other Sprite Editor Feedback)

Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by CreatureFeature, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Using the copy command after making a selection with the wand tool (or the other selection tools) doesn't need to make a custom brush by default; it certainly doesn't do that in any other graphics editor I've used. A more sensible route would be to map what you have going on to:
    "right click on region of selection while on the correct layer -> make selection into a brush"
    and then let the copy command just be a copy command.

    Here's what else I think of the sprite editor, as someone coming from Photoshop:
    -There should be shortcuts for changing brush size by individual increments while using the brush tool. I suggest [ and ] for -1 and 1, respectively.

    -While using the Pan Image tool, we should have these features:
    1.Nudging the selection (the selection being the entire layer if a selection tool wasn't used) pixel-by-pixel using the arrow keys. While holding shift, nudging should be done in increments of 10 pixels (and you can expand on that by allowing the user to decide the size of the increased increment).
    2.Holding shift while dragging a selection should toggle a precision mode that entails movement locking certain directions, depending on where the selection is dragged by the mouse input:
    -If the object is dragged up or down, lock movement to the y-axis.
    -If the object is dragged left or right, lock movement to the x-axis.
    -If the object is dragged diagonally towards down-left or up-right: lock movement to y = x.
    -If the object is dragged diagonally towards up-left or down-right: lock movement to y = -x.
    (I posted about these two on the recent room editor thread, saying that they should all be in the room editor as well.)

    -On the Image drop-down menu, "Mirror" should be renamed to "Flip Vertically" and "Flip" should be renamed to "Flip Horizontally". (The mirror and flip brush tools could use the same change.)

    On the plus side, the split icon thing you have for some of the tools like Ellipse and Polygon is cool. I would like to see that in Photoshop. Also, you already have Pan Image Tool suggestion #2 for the brush tool (sans the diagonal movement), and the nudge feature on the room editor (sans the hold shift for bigger increment part). Bravo.
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  2. Mike

    Mike nobody important GMC Elder

    Apr 12, 2016
    One you select an area, you can move it around with the mouse, or use the cursors to move it pixel by pixel. Cut and paste is done via brushes. Yes, this is different, but we're not trying to remake photoshop or any other art tool. This is a brush based tool, and being able to "paint" with brushes is incredibly powerful and lets you rapidly build up images where previously you'd have to copy, then paste, move, paste, move, paste, move, paste, move, paste, move, etc.. It's just a different way of doing things.

    + and - change brush size, and Shift+Z lets the stretch it with the mouse
    Selections can already be moved around with the mouse, or using the cursor keys
  3. I see. I just find the system a bit inconvenient when I want to use the wand just to select and delete something. Also I found that nudging one sprite I have with the route you described seemed to add copies of the sprite underneath, but I tried it again with a plain painted square and the smearing didn't happen there.
  4. Mike

    Mike nobody important GMC Elder

    Apr 12, 2016
    Then just use the wand and press delete?

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