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Android Seemingly random low FPS on a blank project on multiple devices.


Hi guys!

I noticed FPS issues with my game a while back but put it down to the devices I was testing on being old. However recently I've been trying it on some newer devices (pixel 2 etc) and the same issue appears.

I have since then created a completely blank project that does nothing apart from draw fps, fps_real and room_speed to the screen. fps_real is 200 at it's minimum on the devices yet fps sits around 30, anything from 28 -> 35ish. room_speed is set to 60.

I have disabled the application surface as well - no change.

However - on my personal phone, an Xperia XZ1, it runs fine, 60fps. And on my friends Galaxy S6, also 60.

I can't figure out why this is happening. I wondered originally about some poor coding or something but since the same is happening on a new blank project it can't be.

My build settings are:
Build tools: 25
Support Library: 25.0.0
T SDK: 25
M SDK: 9
C SKD: 25

Architecture - all ticked.
Sleep margin, 4ms (tried 10, no change).

My GMS2 runtime feed:

I'd like to carry on with my game but if there is some issue with framerates on android I'd rather figure it out now so I can code with this in mind rather than aiming for a nice 60fps. (Or having to go back and change everything later).

Thanks in advance.