Asset - Shaders Seeking glow shader



I'm trying to make my character glow when unlocking a new ability, leveling etc...

Kinda like this:

I can't seem to find anything on the marketplace or forums. Do any of you guys know of any good shaders to achieve the desired effect that I could purchase?

Joe Ellis

Thanks for your reply, I would like the glow within the sprite and perhaps allow for some adjustment of rgb so I can change colours. Think GMS1.4 fade to colour animation.

That's external glow i'm afraid.
Oh I think I know what you mean, you could look at these hue, sat brightness shaders here:

Also, you could make a shader that uses an rgb hue uniform vec3

then get the value\shade of the original pixel by adding the r, g and b together and dividing by 3

then multiply the rgb hue and the shade

that would colorize it,

and you could also blend the original pixel color and the new colorized one together by a certain ratio to control the amount of colorizing