Job Offer - Programmer Seeking Dedicated Programmer for Unconventional 2D Adventure Game



We are an experienced writer/artist duo who have been involved in numerous adventure gaming projects for nearly two years now.

We began first in Adventure Game Studio and have only recently begun to expand our efforts into Gamemaker. In this process we discovered that we function far better in our aforementioned native roles, and are now consequently searching for a committed programmer to join our team.

Our work is currently on interactive storytelling experience dubbed Skin Slash Flesh.

Above is an early mockup showcasing many of the game’s essential mechanics, such as intuitive dialogue systems, complex GUI, and choice-and-effect-based gameplay.

Non-technical aspects (such as story, etc) will be further elaborated on with the chosen programmer.

As specified in the title, dedication is an imperative. You will be working closely with the two of us and be involved in every step of the process. We highly encourage the new team member to bring along their own unique artistic perspective for the project. The programmer must be okay working with extensive body horror, gore, and venereal imagery.

The game is relatively small to intermediate in scope/length. Most of the playtime is spent reading, although the game also contains several puzzles and experimental twists. Our work (as of writing this post) is nearly complete. Your task will primarily be to fit those pieces together and create the engine in which the game runs.

Pay is highly individualized and based both on prior experience, and quality of output in the course of this project. Both my partner and I are struggling students and want to stress this job is mainly for artistic merit, but a lesser degree of pay is assured.

My name is Petra. I tend to go by "noto" on forums. In my spare time I write for HardcoreGaming101. My most recent article is Bloodnet.

My partner goes by the alias "SickSpirit". You can see some of their work in the mockup.

Any and all questions are welcome. We are happy to clarify whatever we can, be it publicly or privately.

If you are interested, please email
Please send a portfolio, as well as a brief message detailing necessary skills. If you seem like a good fit, we will respond and set up a time for an interview over Skype.
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T. Brugel

I am Tobias Brugel.
I am interested in helping you out.
Check out my portfolio on my YoYoGames account.
If you are interested please send me an e-mail to this account:


Some clarifications, since we've been getting a bit of questions:

This isn't a VN (Visual Novel), and not totally a point-and-click either, but definitely much closer to the latter. The player has free range of movement by use of arrow keys, and is able to interact with background objects and NPCs within their vicinity. As mentioned, gameplay otherwise features some experimental mechanics of a similar capacity.

Details regarding the story are intentionally left out, but for general clarification's sake, the game can be categorized as, or fall into the sci-fi/horror genre. To paint a better picture on a visual scale, below is one of the first pieces of concept art for the game, made nearly a year ago (spoilered for gore):

Serious applications keeping in mind the project is primarily to be approached artistically yet professionally are appreciated. We'd like to extend a final call for programmers before moving ahead.



Hi Shavv, here. A lot of experience with almost all the GameMaker engines.

This project peeked my interest and i would like to help the project out. Seems really unique and fun. You can contact me through PM if your interested.


Our chosen programmer is currently experiencing scheduling difficulties, making the status of his position a bit uncertain. That said, we'd like to one more time extend the opportunity for interested applicants.