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Team Request Seeking Crew (Side Scrolling Platformer and Action RPG) Revenue Share

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Badviper, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Badviper

    Badviper Guest

    Story drawing 2.png Story drawing 1.png Story drawing 6.png Story drawing 5.png Story drawing 4.png Hello Yoyogames. I'm currently looking for motivated, passionate individuals to join me in creating a powerful, story driven game with a heavy emphasis on customizable character development and in game narrative. The gameplay will consist largely of side scrolling platforming and multidirectional shooting/melee with rpg elements ala Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Super Metroid, and is set in a post apocalyptic science fiction world. I like to think I'm wearing my inspiration on my sleeve here. :) if you are interested, I can provide a brief synopsis of the planned plot via PM. Currently, I plan on setting up a modest kickstarter to fund initial development.


    As of this posting, I'm looking for five specific positions to fill as follows:

    1. Lead programmer. While I have a basic understanding of gml and intend to assist in this area as much as possible, the simple truth is after years of trying, the intermediate skills such as those required to efficiently program movement both up and down slopes smoothly in a platforming engine, and moving platforms, both of which are planned to be in this game, elude me. I'm looking for someone who can do this cleanly. Database management and utilization would be a plus, but is not required.

    2. Character Artist. Looking for someone who would be comfortable with animating a variety of different character types, from human, to nearly human, to anthropomorphic animals, to mechanical creatures. As for style, on this I am very flexible. I have considered 8 bit, 16 bit, and faux 3D as in the Donkey Kong Country series, as well as many others. The only thing I ask is that you're able to work together with the environment artist to choose a singular style that meshes well together.

    3. Environment/tile artist and UI artist. Looking for someone who would be excited to design the look of a dangerous, alien post apocalyptic, ravaged world, and to design the UI for the game that features it. As above, I am open to many styles, and I only request that you're able to work with the character artist to form a singular style.

    4. Musician/Sound Designer. Looking for someone with a passion for music, who would be interesting in creating a sound appropriate to the world described above.

    5. Community Manager/Moderator and Advertiser. As mentioned above, I plan on initially funding this project with a small kickstarter. With any luck, we will develop a community of eager supporters around this campaign, who are just as excited as we are to see it published. I'm looking for someone who can moderate this community. Someone who can be friendly and exciting for supporters, and stern without being overly aggressive towards undesirable behavior in a community. Someone who can manage promoting the project as well.


    Currently, this is the proposed business and revenue sharing plan I intend to implement. Once again, the project will initially be funded through a kickstarter campaign. If and when the project has been successfully funded, I will distribute the funds among all six positions (six including myself) as certain development milestones are reached. For example, for the character artist, once all main character animations are completed, you will receive a forth of your share of the kickstarter income. Once half of the enemies are completed, another forth. The second half, another forth, once the rest of the animated objects are completed, you will receive the final forth of your portion. Following the games successful launch, each member will receive a percentile of the profits in addition to their portion of the kickstarter funds, which will have already been paid by this point. The goal of this system is to provide immediate incentive to complete portions of the game, and then to provide another reward once the game has been completed. Bear in mind, that if the game is not successfully kickstarted, I will be unable to provide the aforementioned portions, and the project may be cancelled.

    The current offer for revenue sharing for each position is as follows, and is somewhat flexible:

    15% of kickstarter funds to be distributed as development milestones are reached.
    15% of final income post game launch.


    I very much look forward to hearing from those of you that may be interested and hope to hear from you soon. ^^ Please let me know below if you feel I forgot something. Placed above is some concept art for characters in the game. Hopefully to help get a feel for this world. Those interested can contact me via PM or at generaljakviper@gmail.com
  2. Sovel

    Sovel Guest

    This is concept for the game correct??
  3. Badviper

    Badviper Guest

    Yep. ^^ I can always give more details via pm as requested.
  4. SnotWaffle Studios

    SnotWaffle Studios Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    While I don't have much experience with platformers, I do have 10+ years of GML experience and can work/learn very quickly. I don't have a lot of free time though. Maybe 1-2 hours a day. I love working with other people on projects, as it comes together a lot quicker than doing it alone. Let me know if you're still looking for a programmer. I also compose/produce music.
  5. Tamuna10

    Tamuna10 Guest

    Do you also need a narrative designer perhaps? If so, I would like to apply. Thank you.
  6. Blakkid489

    Blakkid489 Member

    Jun 30, 2016
    80% of my games are platformers so I can definitely lend my time
  7. dannerz

    dannerz Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    I can help a bit with music and sound effects. If you wanted me to.
  8. Badviper

    Badviper Guest

    Well, I certainly like to remain open. ^^ Currently I am already working with a programmer, but the musician position is certainly still open. ^^
  9. Glockster

    Glockster Guest

    Hey, what kind of music are you looking for? I've experimented with instrumentals with guitar and drums, and could probably do some moody tracks. If you're looking for electro-arcade style stuff then I can't really help you :p
  10. Badviper

    Badviper Guest

    Certainly. I do imagine there will be some synth sounds as well as instrumentals in the soundtrack, but I am flexible. Mind if I ask for examples of the style you're referring to?
  11. Glockster

    Glockster Guest

    The stye could be anything moody or atmospheric with guitar as the main instrument. A post-apocalyptic world will probably be quite sad and depressing. A bit like a ruin. Perhaps you could show me what kind of progress you have at the moment with your game? And I can try to give you some kind of example music. Like a tester?

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