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Alpha Secluded - Survival Crafting Sandbox RPG - LOOKING FOR TESTERS

I am new to GMS2 - and new to game developing in general. This is just a side hobby of mine; who knew a hobby could last for 10hrs+ a day..
I have been using GMS2 for around a month (and used it previously as a trial a few months ago). I started off with a lot of smaller games with a lot less complexity and gradually increased the complexity of games as my knowledge increased. For the past week (at least) I have been coding on GMS2 without following any guides or tutorials; only referring to the help manual when needed.

The reason I am "releasing" it in a closed alpha state is because I want to receive as much feedback from the community as possible and build the game upon the suggestions and feedback of the players who will eventually be playing my game!

Secluded - Craft, build, destroy and survive!
You wanted to get away from the rush of everyday life. You wanted to spend more time with nature, with your four legged friend. You journeyed off to the vast unknowns. Will you thrive in your new, secluded life, or will you succumb to your surroundings and become a part of the islands landscape?

Level up and upgrade your trusty pickaxe! Every certain amount of levels you will upgrade your pickaxe to one stronger than the last!

Looking for testers

I am looking for a maximum of 10 testers to test Secluded and provide feedback. Think of it at a focus group.

If you are wanting to apply, please ensure you meet the requirements below and join the Secluded discord - https://discord.gg/CXKd7fQ or leave a comment below.

  • Age 18+
  • Speak fluent English
  • Windows users only
  • Have Discord