Searching 4 japanese and chinese fonts (free for commercial use)


yep men/girls,
I would like to add japanese and Chinese as language in my game.

So any advice about japanese and chinese fonts that are free for commercial use?



For Chinese, I don't know, but for Japanese, here are the ones I currently use that are free for commerical and private use:
  • jf-dotfont ( (if you can't read Japanese, the ones that are public use or otherwise have no license restrictions can all be downloaded by downloading the 7z marked 商用利用や再配布が可能な54書体セット) (other fonts on this site are free for commerical use as well but also non-commercial use mixed in, you'll have to check yourself which is which)
  • M+ ( is my go-to for basically everything Japanese font related. Very readable, very clean, lots of options, and free license.


CJK languages use a lot of different characters at a time and that makes font development more difficult, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of choice. Here is a page full of free-for-commercial-use Chinese fonts (simplified form), for example.

Your first priority is to settle on an aesthetic. Show your current font to your translator and have him/her give you suggestions. Or alternatively, since CJK fonts typically come standard with a matching basic ASCII set, you can select the font based on how it renders English, and the result in Chinese/Japanese would look similar to a native speaker.

With Chinese in particular, pay attention to whether the font is for simplified form or traditional form, and match it to your translation and audience needs. Some fonts have both, but others have only one or the other, and that could be source for trouble with blanks. For example, if you plan to use Google APIs, a traditional form translation would be warranted because Google is inaccessible for a majority of simplified form users. Your translator should advise you on these factors.

Finally, you need to know that CJK is hostile to surface-based fonts, and demands that you use font_add(). See this old example for how to handle it properly.


Thanks. yesterday I add the japanese support via json, with a temporary font, just to see if works. (and yes it works! )
About Chinese, damn as you suggest better to ask to translator.