Windows Search Reverse - If 'I-SPY' and 'Where's waldo' were set in a time-bending reality!


I made this game over the course of around 3 days for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2!

If "I-Spy" and "Where's Waldo" were set in a time-bending scavenger hunt!
Use your mouse in this point and click casual game to find the people and things on your list before the time runs out!
Click and hold the reverse button to reverse the scene! Some of these weirdos like to run and hide!

Play endlessly due to its procedural generation and over 20 different characters!

-Mouse / Mouse button (also works with touch screens laptops!)
- Click and drag to move around the scene

Developer notes

I hope you enjoy it! This project is more of a proof of concept rather than a full-blown project. I only had about 3 or so total days to actually put any work into it! I wanted to push myself with this project as well, which is another reason its is a pretty basic game thus far. This project was the first time I've ever used procedural generation, Isometric design, and point and click mechanics that emulate device user input. It has been a learning experience!

Not sure if I will ever expand it. The problem with a project like this is that it would have to be HUGE to pull it off correctly. Like multiple types of environments and thousands upon thousands of art and little character designs. Plus procedural generation in isometric dimensions was just the biggest pain and I really don't think I ever wanna put myself through this type of torture again. haha. anywho if you play it ....well...Thanks! :D

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I like the colours. Neat game. Yeah the amount of art on one of those where’s Waldo pages would be crazy. Especially if you had different themes and could not re use stuff.


Thanks! Yeah I'm sure repeating items and things wouldn't be as big an issue but still it would need insane amounts of content to keep it fresh and interesting.