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Scroll_snap is an extension that enables you to "scroll" through a larger room by "snapping" the view, screen-by-screen. You can use this effect to simulate a game with multiple single-screen pseudo "rooms" where moving over the edge of the current or "screen" takes you to the next "screen".

A neat side-effect of using this technique is, it can allow you to keep active instances running off-screen. If you were to create a separate room asset for each screen of game world, only the current room could have active instances running in it. I also provide a function that will allow you to deactivate instances that are outside the current view, and reactivate them when you enter into the region where they are back in view.

Early console games such as Pitfall!, Superman, and Adventure for the Atari 2600 weren't capable of smooth scrolling, so used a similar approach to take the player to a new room when they exited the side of the screen.

Full documentation is at

Please review it if you give it a try!
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