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Scroll of Truth is a side-scrolling action game in which you are Ezra Higgins, a man accompanied by his much more strong-minded friend Pips the bird, trying to defeat a businessman Judas Lawrence and his unscrupulous Sawa Unit to find the mysterious Scroll of Truth. The journey takes them to Area 51, Vatican Apostolic Archive and many other highly restricted places. Is this all worth it?

You will start the game with 8 different equipments, for example, a special backpack that lets you perform a double-jump and a plasma gun add-on with which you can charge the shots more powerful (the items are listed below). After a short introduction mission you will receive a divine retribution and lose randomly one of the said equipments. The six main missions after that can be beaten in any order, but after each one you will always lose another item until you have only one left for the final mission, making your life increasingly harder. Every stage except the first one has two sections and a boss fight. There are plenty of different enemies and locations - you will get to visit every single continent. With energetic music and dumb humor the journey isn't going to be boring.

There is no playable version yet and I probably won't release anything until the whole thing is done, but here are some screenshots and a preview of one of the bossfights.

Area 51.png
Charge adapter - A plasma gun add-on that lets you charge the shots more powerful
Range adapter - A plasma gun add-on that makes your shots go further
Steel vest - Gives protection, causing enemy projectiles to deal less damage
Hard hat - Gives a little protection and lets you break bricks with your head
Booster pack - Lets you perform a double-jump
Grenade belt - Lets you carry up to five powerful grenades
Sighting specs - Minimizes spread when shooting while moving
Eucalyptus mask - Longer recovery time after getting hit

I will update this thread when I get new things done. Please ask if there is something you'd like to know!
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It's looking pretty good, all enemies are done and now there are also three bosses. Along with the game's antagonist Judas Lawrence we have "The Faith", "The Order", and "The Wealth". Next up the eagle tank boss I guess...


Now the eagle boss and another one called "The Honor" are done too. Only two bosses left and I can start building the levels. Here's also a short video.
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