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Question - IDE Script getting "emptied"


Alright, this doesn't happen always but has happened to me twice already.

The symptom is simple, the whole code of a script disappears. It shows a empty window before my eyes in the blink of an eye. Redo doesn't work, there's no way to recover it other than doing it all over from last backup. I've already had issues with GMS2's ridiculous method of managing files "physically" and I suspect this bug is from that but whatever, the point is that it's happened and would happen again.

So, is this a known issue?


Friendly Tyrant
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This sounds like something related to an over-zealous anti-virus or maybe something like dropbox reverting files... Where are you saving your game yyp files to?


In my SSD and I only use Windows defender. I just zip the project everyday.
Nocturne is also asking you where in your SSD the project is stored. Automatic file sync applications like Dropbox and OneDrive are known to overrule your GMS 2 changes without your consent.


The project folder is not in any cloud locations. Actually I only turn them on when I upload backups. This is just too specific to be a faulty SSD behaviour or whatsoever.