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screen streches out when room size ratio doesnt match

Discussion in 'Programming' started by itai singer, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. itai singer

    itai singer Guest

    i have a small room (an indoor house) and the aspect ratio of the room size is 2:1, meaning the room width is 400 and height 200) and my screen is bigger, defualt size (1024x768), which causes the screen to be drawn very streched and ugly.
    note: im not very good with everything related to views and cameras, the sulotion might be abvious but I still need help. how do I fix it?
  2. RangerX

    RangerX Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    The solution is to use views or cameras if you're in GMS2.
    Because if you don't, GMS displays the whole room and stretches it to display size.
  3. itai singer

    itai singer Guest

    im using a view and a camera, and yes im using GMS2. ive sorted this out by making the camera zoom in more. sorry but i cant explain my problem well, if you have any more idea i would love to hear it

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