Android / Amazon Fire Screen Resolution & Scaling

Liam Jacobs

Hey there noodles,

I'm working on a fairly small Android game that, for testing, I have scaled to 720 x 1280. I chose this res because it's the resolution of the device I'm testing the game on.

The problem comes in, in the fact that I don't have any other Android devices with different resolutions to test the game out with.

Luckily for me, I decided that the artstyle for my game was going to be 16-BIT pixel art, due to the fact that I love the style, and I really feel like it could be making a comeback in the more modern market (Or was it because I draw like a rattlesnake that was recently involved in a horrible nuclear radiation incident and has only just discovered the concept of hands?)

If I scale the game up to 1080p and force it (At gunpoint) to keep the game scaled in it's current aspect ratio, would it look bad on certain devices?

In other words, would my graphics become deformed and horrible after being scaled down?


Yes. And here's why and how to prevent it. Feel free to ask further questions though.

While I made this with the windows target in mind, the logic applies for all platforms. Have a read.
Downscaling always lead to graphical loss. And in the case of a pixel art style game like yours, it will appear looking damaged on any device where your game will end up scaled up by a fraction number.
What I would do is a little research on what's the screen resolution of the most popular phones. That would be a great start in knowing for which resolutions you try and make your game optimised for.