screen ratio and 32x32 tileset


hi, I want to know what is the best screen ration for a retro game. and also I use a tileset of 32x32. I'm trying to find the best screen ratio but there is still somes pixels who a little bit bigger or larger then somes othores pixels. I know It's just a little detail but i'm a perfectionist. So, what is the best screen ratio for a game with a 32x32 tileset?

(My english is not perfect, sorry if you don't understand what I meant)


most of the new montiors are 16:9 and I had to jiggle to be able to get my streams on steam because the default resolution of a room which I just went with is 4:3. I am going to end up having to change that but I would start there if I were you. I will make scaling for most screens a lot easier.


screen ratios and tileset resolutions don't really have a relation. and as curato said, most ratios are 16:9.

worry more about the view resolution. 480x270 and 640x360 are popular resolutions for pixel art, since they scale perfectly (integer number) to the most used resolutions and ratios. divide those numbers by the tileset resolution (in your case 32) to see out how many tiles the player will see, so you can know where to put detail.

if those resolutions don't work for you, just take 1920x1080 and divide those two by the same whole number to try different resolutions.

don't be afraid to experiment. you can always easily change the resolution later to see what works, before you do complicated UI stuff. just stick to divisions of 1920x1080.
Better yet, ask the user for the display ratio (or snatch it unbeknownst to them) and adjust the camera width to fit the ratio, while keeping the height of the camera. Kind of a wide-screen thing.