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    Jul 27, 2016

    I am porting one of my Android app to iOS. The apple review board found a bug, when there is a bottom "thing" on the screen (please see the attached images), the whole screen is pushed up and the clickable buttons are now off the screen.

    I am quite new to iOS and Mac, so I am not sure what is that "thing" on the bottom, how can I test it (what should I click to bring it up). Also is there anything I need to set for the iOS version, so this kind of things (or the virtual keyboard for example) will not push up the screen. On Android the virtual keyboard is overlay on the bottom part, but the background screen stays at place. On iOS the screen is pushed up.

    Thank you.

    edit: ok it turned out, what I see on the bottom is the virtual keyboard "minimized" mode. The keyboard is almost hidden, but it still keeps the screen pushed up.

    Any idea how to set up Game Maker not to let the keyboard push the screen?


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