HTML5 Scratch Bros. Halloween Special



There's something sinister happening in the graveyard! You and a friend can help Spooky and Scratchy fight off the forces of the evil Wizard. Pounce on Skeletons, Zombies, and Demons while avoiding the Wizard's spells. Can you get the highest score?

Scratch Bros was made over the course of a few weeks for Halloween 2016. It was originally conceived as a Mario Bros. clone set in a house with two black cats chasing mice. Since actual work didn't begin until late September, the setting was changed to a graveyard to fit a Halloween theme. The game is dedicated to my real-life scratch brothers, Toothless (Spooky) and Hans (Scratchy), as well as my lovely wife, Alicia.

If you'd prefer not to play in the browser, a Windows executable is available for download.

  • Adorable Pixel Graphics!
  • Single Player Mode
  • Two Player Vs Mode
  • Local High Score Tracking
Player One: Arrow keys.

Player Two: W-A-S-D.

Made with GameMaker:Studio.

Level graphics by pZuh.
Character sprites based on Jason-Em's Classic Hero: Disthron, Umz, Jezla.

Music by Curtis S.D. MacDonald.

Sound Effects by TinyWorlds, MentalSanityOff, philsapphire, Julien Matthey, popthebubbles4, Jezla.

Copyright © 2016 Jeffrey Howard, All Rights Reserved.

Happy Halloween!