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Windows Scramble Remake demo made in GMS2


For a giggle I streamed me making Scramble from scratch in GMS2 this morning. The below is the result so far. Well, I say so far - I've run out of time today and building the terrain up will take quite a while. It did only take a couple of hours, so don't expect it to be perfect! :)

Still, it's here if anybody wants another "demo" of how to use tilemaps, camera etc :)


Edit: Thanks guys for pointing out that you can't import projects. I've updated the Dropbox link to be a zipped up copy of my folder.

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Neat! Scramble is an all-time favorite of mine.

Unfortunately, there is no way to import it into the current beta. Do you have an archive of your stream?


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You should just zip the project I guess..... rather than export