Free Score Attack Ninja 3

This is the last game I plan to make in this series. The idea has been to make classic arcade style games that are all about scoring points. The only way to progress through the levels is to score points. This way it actually feels fun and rewarding to get points. This game is a maze game where you collect gems for points to move on to the next level. Different enemies will effect the maze in different ways. Its not all mazes though there are also bosses to defeat. If you enjoy this game check out the other 2 as well. Each game has a different gameplay style!

The princess has been captured and taken into the monster's lair! A vast dungeon maze lies between you and the princess! Be careful. This dungeon is crawling with monsters and the only way further down is to collect their treasure. Collect enough points and the stairs to the next level will appear. However ninja magic doesn't work in the monster's home! You will have to collect ninja stars to defend yourself this time. Be on your guard! There are some nasty foes hiding in the darkness! Can you go to the source of the monsters and defeat their master once and for all?


Start: Enter key

Move: WASD keys

Throw Ninja Stars: Enter Key (if you have something to throw)

Quit Game: Esc Key


SAN3 screenshot.png SAN3 screenshot2.png SAN3 screenshot3.png SAN3 screenshot4.png
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